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For those of you who have not encountered it before, Cruella is a fantasy world that exists in the present time. It is similar to our own, except for one major difference.
In Cruella, the female reigns supreme...

Centuries ago, a virus spread throughout the world. Somehow it affected the female genes, so that pregnancies were biased towards the male.
 In their ignorance the ancestors of Cruella were unable to stop the plague, and many of the superstitious began to attribute the curse to supernatural causes, with cults and religions springing up almost over night. As a result, the virus continued unchecked, and soon over 90% of infants being born were male. As the generations passed, females became rarer. Men would do almost anything to have a female partner. Women quickly took advantage of the situation, selecting only the rich and powerful for their spouse. They became so precious that any man lucky enough to have a female partner would do anything to keep her.
 Out of fear of losing her, he would grant her every whim.

Gradually the tables turned and, piece by piece, women began to gain power. The most beautiful ones quickly acquired more, as men fought, literally, for their affections.
 Soon, women controlled all society's most powerful positions, taking subtle control of the government, quietly changing laws in their favour. There was little resistance. Any man who realised what was happening and was foolish enough to oppose it was swiftly dealt with.
 A new echelon of power developed, with the most beautiful women at the top, gaining more and more as they played the declining number of powerful men off against each other. It was only a matter of time before the entire system came under total female domination.
All women gained a higher status due to their rarity, and they made changes in the constitution that created more powerful women over the years.
 Civil unrest was unheard of as an elite army of amazon-like warriors was formed, unopposed by a male army that had been discreetly disbanded over a period of time by generals under the sexual influence of their women. State guards kept order, disobedience being met by whip. As the new world developed, scientists battled to find a cure.

Eventually, a breakthrough was made, and the female birth rate began to return to normal. It was too late, though, for the hapless males. The females were already established as the superior sex, and had remodelled society in their favour.
Every female born was given, priority over her male counterpart - the best schools, the finest food, every whim satisfied by obedient slaves. The lucky ones, Ladies, their Mistress and Guards, could look forward to a life of luxury.
For males, however, it was a very different story. From the outset, they were conditioned to accept their inferior status. They were not schooled in the conventional sense, but trained with the whip until they could carry out their menial tasks to their owners satisfaction. Their rights gradually eroded until they were regarded as nothing more than animals. If they were lucky, they might have a sensitive owner who would treat them with a degree of respect as if they were a dog. For many women though, they were nothing more than insects, to be crushed on a whim.
A few, through selective breeding, were reared to service and fertilize the upper echelons of female society. With the high standards a Lady demands, these were rare and so could look forward to a life of relative ease, at least until their looks or prowess began to fail them. The clinical efficiency of the system made it impossible for renegade males, even with sympathetic female help, to return to the past.
 The majority simply accepted their fate, and endured their torments as best they could. Groups of anarchaic males, operating from the 'underground' were generally found and for them the retribution was most terrible. Even so, the most fanatical still attempt to alter the 'natural course'.
 Now, enter the world of Cruella, where the female truly reigns supreme.
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