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Lady Valeria The German Dom
« Dato: Onsdag 4 Maj 2022 19:38 »

Now you can meet the beautiful and Top Delicious Lady Valeria again.

Super Delicious German Domina visiting Denmark monthly . So hurry up
to book while there are still free times. You can meet her in the Golden World Of
Fetish which is located in Glostrup.

Here you have options for a huge selection of toys and different rooms.
everything in bdsm, fetish, kink and bizarre everything your heart desires
Lady Valeria is Absolutely some of the most beautiful from Germany. Her gaze and
beautiful eyes catch you and her charisma will definitely take your breath away
you. But make no mistake, She is strict and controlling and you will quickly find your place in
hierarchy, kneeling under her high heels.

Golden World Of Fetish offers a top advanced domicile with everything you need
dreams of bdsm:
Large selection of whips, Strapon's and much more. Finally, ask.

Golden World Of Fetish
Welcome to a universe of bdsm where your fantasies become reality
We have created the absolute and ultimate universe for you who like bdsm. At Golden World
Of Fetish you will find everything in the best quality. All our equipment is always sterile and hygienically cleaned.
We have pretty much everything your heart desires, whether you are into soft or hard dominance.
Dungeon, various equipment for breathcontrol medical play, Ponyplay, strap on, soundings,
Bondage space Only your Imagination sets the limits. And we like the boundaries you should have
helpful in moving. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bdsm cultivator means nothing, Vi
guarantees you will have a good experience beyond the usual regardless of your level.

Call now for an appointment: +45 55 27 80 73