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Goddess Akesha

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Individual & private Sessions are  also avalaible  along all week ..\\ Saturday  & Sunday  is  also possible  with a  previous  appointment

You enter the study door, in front of you, your dream Goddess of a captivating beauty
With a remarkable voice and expressive words, you will get the order to sink on your knees
In this moment of your devotion, you will get the tight leather collar around your neck, your own slave collar because that is what you are now, slave of the senses, a slave of strange lust

In the 4 dragons of your devotion you become your surrender, you will follow your beautiful Goddess in front of your eyes, you only perceive their heels, that will take you to your new place in your new home.
you see the cage open, and it inevitably crawls and fills with joy, the door and the lock close
His Goddess examines him critically, observes him and assumes the task of educating him as the perfect servant to train with pride on the final result.

  In short, you are now, the intrusion of Her  perfect slave


you completed the first lesson as a Lively Women's Toilet, and the Lady were happy with your performance ?!

Now, however, it's time to increase your toilet training, "Watersports,"

 Be ready for the next  Watersports  lesson

                                      71 58 19 05     


   Personal foot servant of Goddess  Akesha

       Month special between middlel of  January and February

  The sight of my attractive nylon-clad legs will make you ecstatic

          The initial desire to touch My shoes will grow

 Desires of touch, caress and gentle tasting of My foot are evoked in them

The senses are kindled when I stretch out My stockinged foot and make you My personal foot slave

 WICKED GATES OPEN FROM 04th January 18'
            Versed in all areas of the BDSM
           Special  long or usual  Trainings
             * without time pressure *

A Special Bad condition
The Extravagant
The ultimate FemDom Dream !

It doesn't matter if you swiftly succumb to your fate or fight hard.
You are MY plaything, MY helpless victim, exposed to ME, in MY hands and I alone decide what happens!


I gonna  use you and abuse you .I'm gonna know  what's inside you . your will belongs to Me !



Dare to drag your presence before the heels of one of the most Powerful & Beautiful DOMMES from overseas

        Black cabinets, clinic cabinet, wall - and cages, restraints, Dungeons, holes, cellars and       extraordinary refinements will lead you into the realm of your cravings.

                    - roadblocked and delivered -

                              Let yourself be guided, fall, shape ...

* as latex or leather object ...
* as a devout servant of the Goddess reads every wish from the eyes ...
* as sexy wicked TV slut ...
* as well as the devoted clinic patient ...
* a masochist who likes to suffer for the Goddess and tests his limits ...
* as a toilet slave or ashtray that likes to be used ...


Gourmet specialties of the extra class ...
you long to be stuffed properly to serve as a complete toilet   

                                                     you can not defend yourself...

                                   you can not do anything about it ... I'll take what I want.

                               * LONG OR USUAL TIME TRAININGS **

    1h , 2h ,4h, 6h,  or longer to be helplessly at My mercy?

    In a dark, cold bunker?

    In an escape-proof cell?

    Where nobody hears you?

    And you are completely isolated from everything?



Stand at the feet of one of the most beautiful International Dommes, where My pleasure will be your punishment !

                             Doors   are  open  with previous  appointmen along  the  all week
                  Book your request with a phone call or let know something about you here  :   

                                           71 58 19 05     


    List of   highlights & B.D.S.M. preferences

*CBT -kicking / weight stretching / crushing / bondage/ flogging/ electro
*VENUS 2000 / Milk Machine  Training & Treatment 
* Devious devices - pinned sheaths, sounds/ electrical devices/ claws
* Chastity training \ short or long term
* Nipple torment - Clamps/ clothespins /weights / play piercings
* Foot, leg, boot and heel worship
* Trampling - spike heels, barefeet, stocking feet, boots
* Intricate and inescapable bondage - rope/ saran wrap/ tape/ leather bondage/ Leather/ chain restraints
* Corporal punishment and discipline
* Strike play - mild to intense - Single tail / Bullwhips / Braided / multi-tail / leather /   rubber whips/ Caning/ paddling with wooden, leather, brushes, lucite, etc
* Domestic training - cleaning/ old fashion over the knee spankings/ hair pulling)
* Sensory deprivation and overload - Gags/oral devices/ blindfolds/ hoods/ Body bags, mummification
* Electrical play and Violet Wand
* Humiliation - Spitting/ Slapping/ Verbal Abuse/ human furniture/human punching bag
* Sensual play - prolonged teasing & denial / hot wax/ ice
* Forced feminization - sissy and maid training / cross dressing
* Medical exploration \ Klinik \ Harmless breast saline solution

* Tickle torture
* Slave training -positions/ postures/ mannerisms/ attitude adjustments/ chastity training/ assignments
 * Equestrian - / pony training/Dog / puppy training
 *Creative Roleplay and psychodrama
    B. ADULT
    < 3  roleplay, in particular prisoner interrogation and hostage fantasies

      Take a look  about My other Specials  , Events , Stories & Sessions along  the  month and My pictures  , here !;su=user;cat=1552;u=7247;su=user;cat=1699;u=7247'-roll-rubberized-month-slavery-17-18-19th-etc/


               Tranings & Sessions  are  available along this  week  & weekend     
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