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Remember triple Goddess event , the 1 of december
« Dato: Onsdag 30 November 2022 06:22 »

1.December .2022

Are you dreaming about sucking cock, being sucked off or in general being our bislut the date of th.1 of December can make your fantasy come true.

We will have an event where slaves can be used, use each other or be abused by 3 Goddesses.

For this event you have the possibility to be our bislut, show of slut or chastity locked up voyeur. We will also have openings for service slaves (of course to serve the Goddesses) and toilets slaves. There will be 1 space as a Goddess toilet and 1 space for a toilet use both by doms and slaves. :)

We have only few openings available , so contact us latest the 30 .dec if you want to be a part of the event !
The price will be 6000 kr
For our voyeurs 4000 kr
For toilet please contact for information
Event Will be 4-5 hours
And the time Will be desidet when we have all slaves collected that Will be interressted

Contact :
Telefon - Lady Tiara - 81616764
Mail- miss Lilou Marlou -

We are looking forward to seeing you at our event
Miss Lilou Marlou -Lady Sophia Larou -Lady Tiara
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